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Batting Cages

Feel like a major league all-star with the ten batting cages at Costa's Family Fun Park, located in Northeastern Pennsylvania! The ball machines throw a variety of pitches to accommodate all ages and abilities. We have a slow-pitch softball for the young or inexperienced, little league pitches 40-45 mph and 50-55 mph, minor league pitches 60-65 mph, AAA league pitches 70-75 mph, and finally professional major league pitches at 80-85 mph for advanced batters. Hit over the homerun fence into our large, open outfield. Bats and helmets are required and provided in our two team dugouts. All pitching machines take baseball tokens which can be purchased at the attraction. Three tokens will get you 12 pitches in any of the batting cages. Cages can be rented by the 1/2 hour for team batting practice by making reservations at least two days in advance.

2023 Rates

12 Pitches